Creative Movement

    2 year olds

    This is a great way to introduce dance to your child! Through the use of props and music, we introduce the fundamentals of creative movement. Our 2 year olds do perform in our June recital!


    Ages 3-5

    A David DeMarie specialty! Students will learn the fundamentals of ballet, tap and jazz while strengthening motor skills and improving coordination. Your child will develop a familiarity with various rhythmic and movement patterns and will participate in fun and engaging creative movement activities. This program is lead by one of our faculty with certification in early childhood education. Our Tot's will perform a song and tap dance in our annual recital!


    Ages 5 & up

    Tap is a popular subject at all ages. In tap class, not only do you listen to fun music, you also make sounds and rhythms with your feet! By nature, tap is great for developing musicality and a sense of rhythm. Tap will also improve neuro-muscular coordination. At David DeMarie we offer levels from beginner to advanced. Bring your tap shoes!


    Ages 5 & up

    Jazz is a fun, high-energy form of dance. Jazz is an ever-evolving dance form highly influenced by jazz dance pioneers like Luigi, Phil Black, and then further developed by Gus Giordano. Jazz dance was originally and remains to be heavily influenced by ballet technique and personal style. Students will warm up and take part in exercises that will improve their locomotor skills and overall technique by learning and practicing combinations of steps, jumps, kicks, turns and isolations.


    Ages 6 & up

    Ballet is an integral part of any dancers training whether you're learning the basics or looking to refine your technique. Students will build a technical foundation that will support them in every other genre of dance. This classical technique emphasizes grace and poise; traits that will benefit them for a lifetime.


    Ages 6 & up

    Acro class is a great opportunity to build strength, flexibility and athleticism and is often a student favorite. Over the course of the year, students will practice a variety of exciting acrobatic skills on mats and on the floor. Students will display the tricks they've mastered in a recital routine starting at level II.

    Musical Theatre

    Ages 8 & up

    This "production" style class is offered for ages 8+. Classic Broadway music is combined with choreography to create a truly theatrical experience.


    Ages 8 & up

    Contemporary dance is often seen on popular tv shows and is a mixture of ballet, modern and jazz dance. Contemporary is an expressive and stylistic genre. Dancers will learn transitions, patterns and floor work; all to be displayed in a recital routine to perform at the end of the year! This is a great class for students looking to progress in their dance training. We strongly recommend that students be enrolled in ballet or jazz class.

    Hip Hop

    Ages 6 & up

    Hip Hop has become a very prominent and respected style in the dance world. You see it everywhere from concerts and music videos to television commercials. Hip Hop is a lively and energetic class for all ages!


    Ages 6 & up

    High energy jazz/hip hop & acro all rolled into a one hour class. Enhancing their creative side, confidence and physical activity in a FUN and energetic environment.

    Tuition and Fees

    Tuition is based on a course fee and not by the individual class or weeks. Some months have 2 classes, some have 3 or 4. All TUITIONS AND FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

    All vacations and holidays have been taken into consideration. Please note that our Studio only has 9 EQUAL MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS for the convenience of budgeting. All fees listed below are based on a FAMILY RATE & NOT by each individual student.

    The fees listed below are effective as of August 1, 2020. Subject to change without notice.

    Classes (Per Family)Season Course Fee9 Monthly Installments (September – May)
    1 hour weekly$432$48
    2 hour weekly$774$86
    3 hour weekly$1,089$121
    4 hour weekly$1,404$156
    5 hour weekly$1,674$186
    6 hour weekly$1,944$216
    7 hour weekly$2,214$246
    8 hour weekly$2,484$276
    9 hour weekly$2,754$306
    10 hour weekly$3,024$336

    Unlimited classes: $350 for 1 student / $400 for 2 students
    • All tuition, costume and fees may be paid in the form of credit card, cash or check. Online payments are accepted with a 2.9% convenience fee.
    • There are no refunds if the Studio closes due to inclement weather. Closings will be posted on social media, texted out to account holders, as well as WGRZ, WKBW, and WIVB TV stations/websites.
    • Make-up lessons will be provided at the discretion of the Teachers if deemed necessary. If you would like a make-up lesson, please see your class assistant to schedule.
    • Tuition installments are due by the 1st of each month. After the 10th of each month a $10.00 late fee will be charged.
    • There is a $35.00 service charge on all returned checks.
    • After 1 returned check, all accounts must be paid in cash or Visa/MasterCard.
    • There are no refunds on missed classes whatsoever.
    • Yearly tuition paid in full by Sept 15, 2020 will be given an 5% discount if paid by cash or check

    REGISTRATION FEE (Due upon registration)
    Single Student: $30.00
    Per Family: $50.00

    This fee includes registration to the school, and all Studio Newsletters and e-mails throughout the season.

    INSURANCE FEE (Due upon registration)

    Per Student $10

    This insurance covers the student for any accident occurring while at the Studio beyond your own family's primary insurance carrier.

    PERFORMANCE FEE (1/1/21)

    Per Family: $60.00

    This fee covers all rehearsal and performance(s) at the University of Buffalo's Center for the Arts, the cost of recital production, and the final in Studio Rehearsal. This fee provides one ticket, per family, for each show they are in. Additional tickets may be purchased for $21.00. The fee also includes a digital file to the annual recital in June.


    Recreational students and Prep Team: $65 per performing class.

    Regional Team: $70 per performing class.

    National Company: $80 per performing class.

    We do are best not to exceed the initial fee cost.

    All deposits must be paid by 11/02/2020 and are non-refundable after this date as costumes will have been ordered and are non-returnable. No costume will be ordered if the fee is not paid by this date.

    Private Lessons

    Please call / email The Studio to inquire about private lessons for your dancer. Private lessons are available for $25/half hour, $50/hour

    Dress Code

    Female Students

    Hair is to be worn in a neatly pulled back bun during all classes...thank you!

    BLACK leotard, sports bra or tight fitting tank (TOTS may wear colored tutus!)
    Ages 3 - 5 - BLACK or PINK footed tights
    Ages 6 & up - BLACK stirrup, footed, footless, convertible tights or spandex shorts (PINK for ballet)

    HIP HOP: students may wear comfortable shorts/sweats etc, but must adhere to all black.

    Creative Movement (Age 2) Shoes:

    Pink Ballet Slippers

    Tot Classes (Ages 3-5) Shoes:

    Pink Ballet Slippers & White Leatherette Tap Shoes

    Tap Shoes:

    Tap I - Tap II: White Leatherette Tap Shoe

    Tap II - up: Bloch Tap-Flex (tan)

    Jazz Shoes:

    Jazz I - Jazz II: Capezio Half Soles (beige)

    Jazz III and up: Gio-Flex Shoes (beige)


    Your own CLEAN sneaker for class. A purchase will be required in November for class pictures/recital

    Ballet Shoes:

    All Ages: Bloch Pro-lite Split Sole ballet slipper (pink)

    Contemporary and Acro:


    Male Students

    BLACK tank top or a form fitting tee-shirt / BLACK cotton jazz pants

    Tap Shoes:

    Ages 3 - 7: Boys leather (black)

    Ages 8 - Adult: Bloch Tap-Flex (black)

    Jazz Shoes:

    Ages 5 & Up: Split-Sole Jazz Shoe (black)


    Your own CLEAN sneaker for class. A purchase will be required in November for class pictures/recital

    Ballet Shoes:

    All Ages: Bloch Pro-lite Split Sole ballet slipper (black)

    Contemporary and Acro:


    Competitive Teams

    Our Regional and National Teams are chosen through an audition process each season. Please call or email to inquire about auditions, or to discuss how to best prepare your dancer for a competition team in the future!