David DeMarie Dance provides a comprehensive curriculum for all students, ages 18mth to adult.

Toddlers – Mommy & Me

18 months-2
(a DeMarie specialty) Offered on Tuesdays ay 10:30am, this course introduces the fundamentals of jazz, tap, and ballet to the very young. With music appreciation and character acting, the child’s creativity, motor skills, and confidence are developed while having fun. The children sing and dance to music designed especially for this age group.


Ages 3-5
(a DeMarie specialty) Students will learn the fundamentals of ballet, tap and jazz while strengthening motor skills and improving coordination. Your child will develop a familiarity with various rhythmic and movement patterns and will participate in fun and engaging creative movement activities. The children will perform a song and tap dance in our annual recital!


Ages 6 & up
Ballet is an integral part of any dancers training whether you’re learning the basics or looking to refine your technique. Students will build a technical foundation that will support them in every other genre of dance. This classical technique emphasizes grace and poise; traits that will benefit them for a lifetime. Ballet training is required to be considered for a DDD competition team.


Ages 5 & up
Tap is a popular subject at all ages. In tap class, not only do you listen to fun music, you also make sounds and rhythms with your feet! By nature, tap is great for developing musicality and a sense of rhythm. Tap will also improve neuro-muscular coordination. At DDD we offer levels from beginner to advanced starting at the age of 5. Bring your tap shoes!


Ages 5 & up
Jazz is a fun, high-energy form of dance. Jazz is an ever-evolving dance form highly influenced by jazz dance pioneers like Luigi, Phil Black, and then further developed by Gus Giordano. Jazz dance was originally and remains to be heavily influenced by ballet technique and personal style. Students will warm up and take part in exercises that will improve their locomotor skills and overall technique by learning and practicing combinations of steps, jumps, kicks, turns and isolations. Students will perform a routine in our recital to a fun, upbeat song.

Hip Hop

Ages 6 & up
Hip Hop has become a very prominent and respected style in the dance world. You see it everywhere from concerts and music videos to television commercials. Hip Hop is a lively and energetic class for all ages!


Ages 6 & up
Acro class is a great opportunity to build strength, flexibility and athleticism and is often a student favorite. Over the course of the year, students will practice a variety of exciting acrobatic skills on mats and on the floor. Students will display the tricks they’ve mastered in a recital routine starting at level II.

Jump & Turn

Ages 8 & up
Here the focus is on the progressions of Jazz dance utilizing variations of leaps and turns. This is a fun way to improve your technical skills! We recommend this class for those dancers who are also enrolled in a jazz class, as it is a continuation of that coursework.

Musical Theatre

Ages 8 & up
This “production” style class is offered for ages 8+. Classic Broadway music is combined with choreography to create a truly theatrical experience.


Ages 8 & up
Learning how to fully warm-up the body is the focus of this class. By stretching and strengthening muscles, dancers not only increase their flexibility, but also develop a higher awareness of their body and muscles.


Ages 8 & up
Contemporary dance is often seen on popular tv shows and is a mixture of ballet, modern and jazz dance. Contemporary is an expressive and stylistic genre. Dancers will learn transitions, patterns and floor work; all to be displayed in a recital routine to perform at the end of the year! This is a great class for students looking to progress in their dance training. We strongly recommend that students be enrolled in ballet or jazz class.


In a Modern dance class, students will become familiar with elements of codified techniques such as Graham technique and Horton. Students will learn athletic floor work patterns and develop strength and body-awareness through a variety of progressions, center-floor exercises and choreography.


Ages 8 & up
Lyrical dance connects choreography to the lyrics of a song. This genre provides a medium for storytelling and is also a common favorite for students because they feel freedom to express themselves. Lyrical dance is heavily influenced by ballet technique.

Boys Acro/Hip Hop (50% off)

Ages 8 & up


Athletic and fun, this class is a great way for athletes of all kinds to develop agility and coordination. We also teach a fun routine to perform in our annual June recital! No prior dance experience is required.

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